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BED. The old Romans had various kinds of Beds for Repose; as, ther Lectus cubicularis, or Chamber-Bed, whereon they slept; their Table-Bed, or Lectus difcubitorius, whereon they eat, (for they always eat lying) there being usually three Persons to one Bed, whereof the middle Place was accounted the most honorable, as well as the middle Bed. They had also their Lectus lucubratorius, where they studied; and a Lectus funebris, or emortualis, whereon the Dead were carried to the Pile.

Bed of the Carriage of a great Gun, is that thick Plank which lies immediately under the Piece; being, as it were, the Body of the Carriage.

Bed-Chamber: with us, the Gentlemen of the Bed Chamber are Persons of the first Rank whose Office is, each in his turn, to wait a Week in the King's Bed-Chamber, lying by the King on a Pallat-Bed all Night, and to wait on the King when he eats in private. The first of these is Groom of the Stole, or Long Robe.

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