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Microfiber Futon Covers

Experience luxury comfort with our new line of microfiber futon covers. Microfiber fabrics are extremely popular for today's sofas and now they are available for your futon. Soft, Durable, Easy Maintenance, and the look of real suede. You'll love to run your hands over this fabric.

Microfiber, by its very nature, is stain resistant so other fabric protection products like Scotch Guard are not necessary. The fibers does not leave lint or dust, so they are highly recommended for allergy sufferers. Choose from our great selection of machine washable microfiber covers below.

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Microfiber Futon Covers: Adding an Essence of Coziness

Many individuals opt for a futon as a functional piece of furniture in their living room, bedroom or guest room. They are convenient, because they can transform from a comfortable seating area to an extra sleeping space with ease. However, many futons that are on the market put function over style, and you end up having a furnishing that may not fit the vision you have created for that particular room. Most futons are made from steel or wood, and are covered with basic materials such as a generic off white color casing. At Futon Creations, you will find the most luxurious microfiber futon covers that not only will add softness and style, but also increase the longevity of your piece.

Increasing the Longevity of Your Original Futon

We all know that accidents can happen. Liquids get spilled, pet hair accumulates, and other impacts can severely alter the appearance of your futon’s upholstery. Most of the time, if you leave your futon padding unprotected, a simple spill can ruin the overall look of your futon, creating an embarrassing eyesore. However, when you purchase a microfiber futon cover, you will be protecting the original fabric. If by chance, something gets spilled on your cover, you can remove it, clean it or even replace it with ease. You don’t have to worry about having it professional reupholstered, because you can switch the cover with ease. Overall, if you purchase a dependable futon frame, adding a microfiber futon cover can help you increase the lifespan of your furniture, which will save you from having to purchase a new furnishing every time an accident happens.

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Purchasing a Microfiber Futon Cover

There are many places that you can find a sofa covering, but futon covers are not as readily available. Here you have the option of hundreds of different styles, shades and fabrics to choose from to ensure that the cover you choose will match your existing decor. Microfiber resists stains, which will eliminate the need to have to replace it constantly. All you have to do is unzip the cover, remove it and spot clean it with water. These durable covers are designed for everyday wear and tear. They may look expensive, but they are not. In fact, with the terrific prices that we offer, you may be able to invest in covers for other pieces of furniture as well. This site offers coverings for all sizes of futons, love seats and pillows, so that you can match other furnishings with your new, plush choice.

You will also notice that there is free shipping, a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and clear information and photos with each microfiber futon cover. Futon Creations is committed to delivering you the highest quality customer service, along with the finest products, to ensure that you are happy with your purchase. We know how committed you are to adding the perfect essence to your household furnishings, and therefore offer one of the largest selection of microfiber futon covers in the market.