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Futon Mattresses

Futon Creations exclusively features the Superior Comfort® Futon Mattress. Our futons are made with high quality materials to meet top industry standards. We use only the highest density foam core so our mattresses hold its shape and provide you with comfortable support for years to come. Futon cushions are precision tufted to keep mattress contents from shifting. We offer quality materials, design and construction that provides an unbeatable comfort combination!

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Variety of Types

Futon mattress fall into several subcategories; filling, thickness and support. Each type of product can be filled with a variety of materials. Cotton and foam are the two most popular. Cotton generally offers a lower price and firmer mattress (though it will be softer for the first few months.) Foam can sometime cost a bit more. It is lighter weight, is not as firm as cotton over the long run, and tends to hold its shape better over time. Many futons are now a combination of each, enjoying the benefits of both. You will find many of our mattresses have a foam core, surrounded by cotton. These are in different proportions based on your preference. The quality of the cotton and foam used as filling can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. We use only the highest quality of materials. There are also different levels of support, ranging from mostly cotton to innerspring.

Sizes and Thicknesses

Futon bed frame mattresses are now manufactured in many shapes and sizes including twin, full, queen, king and California king. We also sell love seat and chair size futons in various thicknesses. Futon thicknesses generally range from 4" to 10", though here at Futon Creations, we offer an 11" futon mattress in addition to other sizes. The size you choose depends on the use you have for the mattress. If you are using your it for the very occasional short term house guest only, then a 5" or 6" mattress may be suitable for your situation. If you are going to use the mattress as a couch, then it is recommended that you purchase a mattress at least 8" thick. If your new futon mattress is going to be used as your bed, then an 9" or thicker mattress will best meet your comfort and durability needs.


More about Futon Bed Mattress

The support level is another factor to take into consideration before you make your purchase. They can range from very soft to very firm. This is mostly a personal preference, but the way you sleep can be taken into consideration. People who sleep on their back tend to go with a firmer mattress whereas those who sleep on their side may go with a softer version. Again, your intended use is an important consideration. If you are going to use your futon mattress as your regular bed, and you want it to feel as much like a traditional mattress as possible, then it will be worth your money to invest in an innerspring option.

If you are going to be converting the futon from couch to bed often, but still want a nice firm sleeping experience, you should consider mid-range firmness in a 8" to 9" mattress. Here at Futon Creations, we proudly carry a huge variety of options. Whatever your preference or intended use, we have a high quality, exceptionally priced futon mattress to fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations.