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Machine Washable Covers

Are you looking for a great futon cover you can wash and dry? We've put together a great collection of washable futon covers that can be machine washed cold for easy cleaning. Choose from a wide variety of unique prints below. All washable covers are crafted from a thick, durable blend of cotton and poly for long-lasting quality. Don't forget to add pillows and bolsters for that "sofa look".


Benefits of Machine Washable Futon Covers

If you have children, or if your futon is in a high use area of your home, then a machine washable futon cover may be the right choice for you. Spills happen. So do dirty shoes and grimy hands. With most sofas, chairs, and futons, this means a lot of scrubbing and sometimes a lot of stains. Futon Creations has a huge selection of machine washable futon covers. This can be the height of convenience. If you find yourself wishing you could just throw your whole futon in the washer, then this is the product for you. Even if you don’t have kids or dirty shoes on your couch, time still adds its layer of dust. Being able to spruce up your futon with a trip to the laundry room makes this product a no brainer. Our machine washable futon covers are a smart choice for any household.

How Do You Wash Them?

There are care instructions on each machine washable futon cover, but the process is as easy as it sounds. Simply remove the cover and stick in the washing machine on cold and then line dry. You then have a like new cover, free of the signs of use. This can be a big money saver for those who find themselves purchasing new futon covers periodically. If you are buying a new futon, getting one of our covers is a great way to protect your new purchase not only from stains but from the wear and tear of use. Futon Creations’ machine washable futon covers are the highest quality and will stand the test of time.

More about Washable Futon Covers

Our washable futon covers are made with an extra-thick high quality cotton and polyester blend. They are far more durable than the average futon cover. Futon Creations’ futon covers are made to exacting standards, and priced at deep discounts. We have a wide selection of prints and colors to choose from. You can add you own flair to your current futon without spending an arm and a leg to buy a new piece of furniture. Our covers can mingle with and compliment any style of decor. Our machine washable futon covers are a great way to enhance the feel of a room.

We offer our machine washable futon covers in prints and solids, patterns and themes. We have covers in styles ranging from wild and fun to elegant and sophisticated. We have tapestry and textured looks, stripes and plaids. has a much larger selection than other retailers. Our machine washable futon covers are also priced better and constructed better. We also suggest browsing our pillow and bolster selection, to help give your futon the “sofa” look. Having a futon cover is a basic of futon mattress care. If you’re going to have one, why not have one that is convenient, durable, and in line with your own personal style? Futon Creations machine washable futon covers are all of the above and more.